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Jazz ladies - the singing pianists, 1926-1961

Thomas, Frantic Fay. Musique. P. & chant | Armstrong, Lil Hardin (1898-1971). Musique. P. & chant | Davis, Martha. Musique. P. & chant | Lutcher, Nellie (1912-2007). Musique. P. & chant | Brooks, Hadda (1916-2002). Musique. P. & chant | Murphy, Rose (1913-1989). Musique. P. & chant | Carlisle, Una Mae (1915-1956). Musique. P. & chant | Lee, Julia. Musique. P. & chant | Watson, Paula. Musique. P. & chant | Howard, Camille (1914-1993). Musique. P. & chant | Dranes, Arizona. Musique. P. & chant | Littlejohn, Ira Mae. Musique. P. & chant | Ward, Clara. Musique. P. & chant | Dardanelle. Musique. P. & chant | Webster, Katie. Musique. P. & chant | Smith, La Vergne. Musique. P. & chant | Johnson, Louise. Musique. P. & chant | Kansas city Kitty. Musique. P. & chant | White, Georgia (1903-1980). Musique. P. & chant | Spivey, Victoria (1906-1976). Musique. P. & chant | Dearie, Blossom (1924-2009). Musique. P. & chant | Southern, Jeri (1926-1991). Musique. P. & chant | Morris, Audrey. Musique. P. & chant | Horn, Shirley (1934-2005). Musique. P. & chant | Simone, Nina (1933-2003). Musique. P. & chant | Chatman, Christine. Musique. P. & chant | Thomas, Lillette. Musique. P. & chant | Martin, Madonna. Musique. P. & chant | Franklin, Aretha (1942-2018). Musique. P. & chant | Brown, Cleo (1909-1995)

2021 (2021 - Enr. 1926-1961) Edition Frémeaux & Associés - Label Frémeaux & Associés FA5776 - 3561302577623

Ricard, Jean-Paul. Compilation. Présentation | Buzelin, Jean. Compilation. Présentation

- - 5/5 - Jazz Magazine No.735 p.68 du 04/03/2021 - Soul Bag No.242 p.76 du 30/03/2021

Contient :
Here comes Cookie/ Cleo Brown ; The stuff is here and it's mellow/ Cleo Brown ; Mama don't want no peas/ Cleo Brown ; When Hollywood goes black and tan/ Cleo Brown ; Harlem on Saturday night/ Lil Hardin Armstrong ; Clip joint/ Lil Hardin Armstrong ; Loved walked in/ Una Mae Carlisle ; Papa's in bed with his britches on/ Una Mae Carlisle ; I met you then, I know you now/ Una Mae Carlisle ; I'm a good, good woman/ Una Mae Carlisle ; Dream lucky blues/ Julia Lee ; Gotta gimme whatcha' got/ Julia Lee ; A porter's love song/ Julia Lee ; Nobody knows you when you're down and out/ Julia Lee ; Pagan love song/ Julia Lee ; Pretty papa blues/ Paula Watson ; Stick by me baby/ Paula Watson ; Thrill me/ Camille Howard ; You don't love me/ Camille Howard ; Within this heart of mine/ Camille Howard ; I'm blue/ Camille Howard ; It's all right now/ Arizona Dranes ; I want to see Jesus/ Ira Mae Littlejohn ; Blessed assurance/ Clara Ward ; While the blood runs warm/ Aretha Franklin ; Yield not to temptation/ Aretha Franklin ; The be bop bounce/ Martha Davis ; I'm fer it/ Martha Davis ; Cincinnati/ Martha Davis ; Kitchen blues/ Martha Davis ; Experience/ Martha Davis ; Hurry on down/ Nellie Lutcher ; Sleepy lagoon/ Nellie Lutcher ; Do you or don't you love me/ Nellie Lutcher ; Alexander's ragtime band/ Nellie Lutcher ; That's a plenty/ Nellie Lutcher ; That's my desire/ Hadda Brooks ; Trust in me/ Hadda Brooks ; I can't give you anything but love/ Rose Murphy ; Busy line/ Rose Murphy ; Honeysuckle rose/ Rose Murphy ; I wanna be loved by you/ Rose Murphy ; After you get what you want, you don't want it/ Dardanelle ; I lost my sugar in Salt Lake City/ Frantic Fay Thomas ; Blues in the night/ La Vergne Smith ; One of the road/ La Vergne Smith ; Mobile/ La Vergne Smith ; On the wall/ Louise Johnson ; Double trouble blues/ Kansas City Kitty ; If you can't get five/ Georgia White ; When you're away/ Georgia White ; That man/ Victoria Spivey ; Thou swell/ Blossom Dearie ; Plus je t'embrasse/ Blossom Dearie ; Moonlight saving time/ Blossom Dearie ; Just in time/ Blossom Dearie ; Someone to watch over me/ Blossom Dearie ; Let's fall in love/ Jeri Southern ; I don't know where to turn/ Jeri Southern ; Good morning heartache/ Audrey Morris ; Come in out of the rain/ Audrey Morris ; Like someone in love/ Shirley Horn ; I thought about you/ Shirley Horn ; God bless the child/ Shirley Horn ; Day in day out/ Shirley Horn ; Makin' whoopee/ Shirley Horn ; Mood indigo/ Nina Simone ; Don't smoke in bed/ Nina Simone ; Love me or leave me/ Nina Simone ; Black is the color of my true love's hair/ Nina Simone ; I love to love/ Nina Simone ; Bootin' the boogie/ Christine Chatman ; Boogie-woogie time down South/ Lillette Thomas ; Madonna's boogie/ Madonna Martin ; Baby come on/ Katie Webster ; The Katie Lee/ Katie Webster

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CD Musique audio

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